Life-Changing Supplement

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Writes Michael Schwing:

Lew, wanted you to know how your site has changed my life for the better, in a non-standard, non-political way. I sent this to Mercola, but thought you may appreciate knowing how you’ve helped my health. Come to think of it, I think you turned me onto Primal Living several  years ago as well. I owe you a lot.

Dr. Mercola,

I read your articles via Several months back  I discovered an article you wrote about the benefits of Astaxanthan. I bought it (hook, line, and sinker).

Within a few weeks my girlfriend asked me what I was doing to make my skin look so good. I was floored! But then I realized she was right. My skin was softer, and had fewer wrinkles. The skin on my forearms was silky smooth. There was definitely a change and I was pretty shocked.

That however is not why I’m writing to you. I have been a sufferer of classic migraine w/aura for thirty years. Typically I have at least one debilitating migraine per week, and none of the standard preventives helps me one single bit. I had a bit of success with a beta blocker, but as a competitive bicycle racer, I couldn’t stand it. I could not get my heart rate up to racing specs.

I have not had one single migraine since I began taking Astaxanthan. NOT ONE! My life has changed so much for the better I can’t describe how wonderful it is to not wonder when my weekly death headache is going to hit. Is it because of Astaxanthan? I have nothing but subjective evidence, but to be migraine free for so long a period has been unheard of in my adult life. I had no idea and no reason to think there would be any link, and indeed there may not be one, but I’m sold regardless. I’m afraid to run out and have ordered a huge supply.

7:22 am on September 19, 2012