License to Surf

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In the never-ending world of global scare tactics to manipulate the sheeple into government having complete control of their lives comes the latest tactic: cyberwarfare.

The world needs a treaty to prevent cyber attacks becoming an all-out war, the head of the main UN communications and technology agency warned Saturday. International Telecommunications Union secretary general Hamadoun Toure gave his warning at a World Economic Forum debate where experts said nations must now consider when a cyber attack becomes a declaration of war.

One of the “weapons” suggested to combat this imaginary “cyberwarfare” is a license to use the internet. That’s right—in the same way that you need some bureaucRAT’s permission to drive a car or charge someone for giving him a haircut, you might very soon need a bureacRAT’s permission to surf the web from the comfort of your home. According to the “wise men” that run the world, this licensing might prevent someone from initiating a cyberattack and, therefore, starting a cyberwar. (And you thought that real warfare wasn’t enough of a scam to make the sheeple beg for a One World Government.)

[Microsoft executive Craig Mundie] called for a “driver’s license” for internet users:

“If you want to drive a car you have to have a license to say that you are capable of driving a car, the car has to pass a test to say it is fit to drive and you have to have insurance.” [Gee, I “wonder” which corporation would be given the highly lucrative contract to develop the software—and the license that every internet user would be forced to pay for? Hmmm.]

And check out this idea from Andre Kudelski, chairman of security firm Kudelski Group

…a new internet might have to be created forcing people [emphasis mine] to have two computers that cannot connect and pass on viruses. “One internet for secure operations and one internet for freedom.” [Now there’s a great economic “stimulus” proposal that I’m sure Obamanable will promote. I can already hear the cash registers ringing at all of the Blue Chip technology firms that will be required to develop a second “secure” internet.]

In this world of big corporations/big government control, of course corporate executives are going to go along with our Masters having more control over what I consider to be the greatest tool ever developed to promote peace, freedom, and real economics in the world—the internet. (Today, it’s an internet user’s license in order not to initiate a cyberattack. Tomorrow, it will be an internet user’s license to censor enemies of the state like myself from disseminating the truth about our Masters’ political and economic machinations. )

Terrorist attacks. Financial meltdowns. Global warming. Viruses pandemics.

And now “Cyberwarfare.” Our malevolent Masters really are desperate, aren’t they?

8:48 am on February 1, 2010