Libyan Rebellion Neither Democratic nor Spontaneous

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A new 44-page report on Libya (but in French) is available. The source includes several think tanks. One is headed by Yves Bonnet (International Center for Research and Studies on Terrorism and Support for Victims of Terrorism). Another studies intelligence. A team of six persons visited Libya in March and April. The report concludes “Nevertheless, the study of the facts leads us to affirm that the Libyan ‘revolution’ is neither democratic, nor spontaneous. We are in the presence of an armed uprising organized in the eastern part of the country, in a spirit of revenge and dissidence. This movement is largely impelled and supported from abroad. We need only see the number of flags French, American, Qataris…in the streets of the towns of Cyrenaica to call into question the ‘national’ character of this ‘revolution.’ Especially, it is an insurrection whose leaders hide themselves. The situation thus does not have anything comparable with the popular Tunisian and Egyptian revolts.”

5:05 am on June 17, 2011