Libya as Economic Stimulus Package

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With Gaddafi murdered in the streets outside his hometown by NATO and the gang of thugs they partnered with to run the country, NATO has declared “mission accomplished” and announced the end of its bombing campaign. Much of the country is in ruins and we can be sure that the usual generations of birth defects will follow the tons of environmental poisons dropped on Libya — to protect the civilian population from the non-existent threat of genocide at the hands of Gaddafi.

Not to worry if you are a Western defense contractor. For the masses of missiles, they got paid. Now comes the spoils of victory and they expect to be paid again. And they will. As the UK Independent reported yesterday, “British firms were today urged by Defence Secretary Philip Hammond to head to Libya to secure contracts for its reconstruction.” Sayeth Secretary Hammond: “Of course I would expect British companies to be, even today, British sales directors, practically packing their suitcases and looking to get out to Libya and take part in the reconstruction of that country as soon as they can.”

But capitalizing on the destruction of war cannot merely be left to the “private sector.” Governments too will need to extract their pound of flesh in exchange for their extraordinary humanitarian efforts to save Libya by killing Libya. Conservative Party MP Daniel Kawczynski has already signaled his government’s desire to also reap a windfall from the Libya action “The question that remains is who should ultimately bear this cost? Should the burden fall on those who could be counted on? Or should, in time, Libya repay those who fought with her, and for her?,” he told the Independent. It remains to be seen whether the thugs put in place in Libya will react to this demand as the Iraqi government reacted to US Rep. Dana Rohrabacher when he demanded that they pay the US back for the “liberation” of their country.

On this side of the pond, with President Obama and Secretary Clinton high-fiving each other on the bloody murder of Gaddafi on the street, basking in the approval of a depressingly bloodthirsty population, we would do well to recall that even Goering and his cohorts were not treated in such a manner!


UPDATE: Thanks to Eli Cryderman for pointing out that there are plenty of creep politicians over here as well. Here is one of the worst, his blood lust is appalling:  Lindsey Graham: “Sixty-thousand Libyans have been wounded, 3,000 maimed, 25,000 killed. Let’s get in on the ground. There is a lot of money to be made in the future in Libya.”


6:56 am on October 22, 2011