‘Libertarians’ for TSA Totalitarianism

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Reason’s Robert Poole spilled his noodles again. He wants the federal government to “get serious” about aviation security. He wants to see travelers undergo more intrusive measures – it’s a small price to pay to be safe! Not only that, he wants regular Joes to undergo an FBI approval and obtain a government-issued ID card before they can become a “trusted traveler” (I do not make this up!) and fly the unfriendly skies without enduring invasive body searches and other measures used to control people.

Lower-risk people would be those with active government-issued security clearances and anyone who joined a risk-based “trusted traveler” program by passing an FBI background check and getting a biometric ID card. These people would get streamlined processing at airports, similar to what existed pre-9/11.

I know this seems like satirical madness, but Poole has long been a big TSA proponent and a champion of the corporate state. With “libertarians” like this, we sure as hell don’t need Republicrats, Demopublicans, Totalitarians, and Fascists!

7:00 pm on January 1, 2010