‘Libertarians’ for Healthcare Socialism

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In their never-ending, Quixotic quest to try to get people who hate and despise them and all they claim to stand for (the Washington establishment) to “respect” them, the Beltwaytarian/Kochtopusian/”Cosmopolitan” libertarians, so called, are now offering advice on how to make healthcare socialism work better. “We are better socialists than Obama!” is how they are desperately trying to become “relevant” in D.C.  In this article John C. Goodman of the National Center for Policy Analysis offers five ways to make “Obamacare” work better. How sickening.

UPDATE:  One emailer writes to say that Goodman’s proposals to “improve” Obamacare remind him of the NRA’s position of “sensible gun [control] laws.”  Another emailer correctly observes that Goodman calls tax deductions government “subsidies.”  The assumption behind such twisted language is that the state owns all of your income, and by allowing you to keep a tiny part of it, it is giving you a subsidy.  One cannot give someone something that one does not own in the first place.

8:49 am on December 16, 2012