Libertarians Are Unique, Neither of the Right Nor the Left

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For all too long, the mainstream media divides people into left liberals (progressives, or whatever they are calling themselves nowadays) and right conservatives. According to them, the former want the government out of the bedroom (ha!) and the latter want the government out of the boardroom (double ha!). There is rarely any mention of foreign policy, where libertarians disagree with both of them most vociferously. Where oh where is there room for libertarians, who, as far as I am concerned, are equidistant from both? Whenever I take mainstream political economic surveys, I come out in the middle, supporting both personal and economic liberties, which, presumably, is off the charts. But, please believe me, I am no Walter Moderate Block. At long last comes a rare acknowledgement that we libertarians are sui generis, unique, on the political spectrum. It turns out, we are different that both of those other political philosophies, and even have divergent psychological profiles.

12:18 pm on October 1, 2012