Libertarians Are Neither Liberals nor Conservatives

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Here is a very interesting (too clever by half) letter from a conservative now making the rounds, asking for a divorce from liberals; it is addressed as follows: “Dear American liberals, leftists, social progressives, socialists, Marxists and Obama supporters, et al:” It is well worth reading, in that it does indeed make some good points against the self styled “progressives.”

Here is my open letter response to this author:

“Who is this ignorant young man? He doesn’t seem to realize that there are not only two political economic philosophies in play in the world today, but three: left-liberal-pinko-socialist-progressive-Marxists, right-conservative-patriotic-warmongering-imperialist-fascists, but, ALSO, libertarians, who are members of NEITHER of these first two groups. It is my considered opinion that we libertarians are equi-distant from both socialist Democrats on the left, and fascist Republicans on the right.”

9:46 am on July 8, 2010