Libertarianism Has Won, Says a Very Unhappy E.J. Dionne, Jr.

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A statist propagandist who writes for the company newspaper in the “company” town of Washington, D.C. flatly contradicts himself in a recent column while pretending that the federal government is withering away to nothing!

E.J. Dionne argues in the first 97 percent of his column that: 1) libertarian ideas are irrelevant to politics, and then 2) concludes in the final sentence that there is “gridlock” in Washington because too many members of Congress are libertarians!  Libertarian ideas are both irrelevant and all-dominating according to Dionne.

Dionne cites Murray Rothbard as the chief source of these dreaded libertarian ideas, which are so powerful as to “gridlock” the U.S. Congress (despite being irrelevant).  This is very odd since it’s a good bet that Rand Paul is probably the only one of 535 members of the House and Senate who has ever read anything by Rothbard.  Congratulations, Senator Paul, on the Superman-like power and influence you have acquired!  And just from reading Rothbard!

The Washington Post has a very odd definition of “gridlock” in light of the fact that government spending at all levels today is about 70 percent higher than it was ten years ago; we are on the disastrous road to socialized medicine; there are more than 77,000 pages of fine-print regulations of American businesses in the Federal Register; the Fourth Amendment has finally been dumped; a police state that the Nazis could only have dreamed of was on display in Boston a few weeks ago; and there are no limits at all on government taxing, spending, borrowing, and money printing.  E.J. Dionne has revealed himself as a totalitarian socialist, which is what all of the Washington establishment has become with very few exceptions.  They might as well resurrect the old hammer and cycle on the masthead of the Washington Post.


2:24 pm on June 11, 2013