Libertarianism and Abortion

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I previously pointed out that a pro-abortion libertarian said, in response to my article, “Should Libertarians Be Conservatives?,” that a libertarian is really a fascist SOB if he is pro-life. I was also recently told by another pro-abortion libertarian that “any abortion can always be justified as defensive, not initiated force,” and that I should not tell anyone I am a libertarian if I am pro-life because I am spoiling the brand name. I hope to write something on libertarianism and abortion in the near future. But let me say again, as I said in my article, that being pro-life is not necessarily a conservative position. Pro-life liberals (yes, there are some) would take offense at that.

I also question whether this is the “real” libertarian position on marriage: “If thirteen Wiccan lesbians living in a commune all want to marry each other, the only thing the clerk should say is ‘sign here, sign here, initial here….Next!’ That’s the real libertarian position on marriage.”

9:48 am on May 26, 2012