Libertarian Party Hijinks

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I mentioned here that the LP had a new poll that asked whether the state had a proper and necessary role in society. Unhappy with the results, the “Party of Principle” took down the poll, but you can see a screen shot of it here.

Anarcho-capitalism is a strain of libertarianism historically respected within the LP and acknowledged as a legitimate orientation by the famous Dallas Accord. But now anarcho-capitalists, who only hold the most consistent view within libertarianism, are apparently unwelcome. Perhaps to make room for the Republicans? Funny. So many of their other polls allow for non-libertarian answers, and they are always claiming to want to open up the tent. Not to those whose views are most libertarian, apparently.

Well, at least the LP is genuinely becoming more mainstream. Perhaps these people can take over the government one day and, short of cutting government, at least produce reforms like honest elections. Oh, wait.

5:22 pm on December 19, 2008