‘Libertarian’ Loves Naked Scanners

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Writes Nathan Blevens:

Speaking of the porno scanner, last week I made the woeful mistake of tuning in to Atlanta’s favorite liberventionist, Neal Boortz.  I  know I know…what was I thinking?

The first words out of his mouth were, “Ok, so there’s news about this pilot in Memphis…who refused the scanner, and refused a pat-down…Screw this guy!  He just quit his job and walked away.  I’ve told people over and over…so what?  I’ll say it again: I love, Love, LOVE these scanners.”

That was enough.  I turned it off, and said something out loud that probably didn’t do my eternal soul any good.  To think that this represents “mainstream libertarianism.”  Oh…that and pushing for “fairer” and more streamlined ways to rip off Americans in perpetuity.

9:43 am on October 25, 2010