Glenn Greenwald: Obama’s Desire To Suspend Civil Liberties Is WORSE Than We Thought

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In this Cenk Uygur video (actually earlier than the first one that I posted), left-winger Glenn Greenwald explains that as bad as the National Defense Authorization Act is, Obama NEVER wanted it to exclude U.S. citizens from the fascist provisions of the law—as the mainstream media wanted to make it appear that he did. Obama actually wanted codified into law what was already being done by the U.S. government since the Bush administration.

The first half of this video is a rehash of Uygur’s first one that I posted. The Greenwald interview comes in a little less than halfway through, but it’s worth hearing again Uygur’s outrage at this outrageous gigantic step towards a totalitarian United States.

[Thanks to Alan Lovejoy]

11:33 pm on December 18, 2011