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The high-profile Dorthy Rabinowitz and Glenn Beck attacks warn us of what is to come. The same with the NY Times, Salon, and all the rest. It began during Ron’s presidential campaign. Now it is stepping up. The Republican comrades fear another presidential campaign, but most of all they fear Ron’s movement, which has encouraged so many millions to question authority, and to assume, for example, that the MSM are guilty until proven innocent. The ruling class is terrified of the people, even more than usual. The Ron Paulians, the Ron-inspired Tea Parties, and Sarah Palin(!) have them gibbering in the closet. They are unowned, or—in the case of Palin—feared to be. So the agents of authoritarian America strike out in the tones of fascist and communist regimes. But watch the attacks backfire. To be smeared for not conforming to DC’s welfare-warfare state, its killing and looting, is a badge of honor.

12:00 pm on February 18, 2010