Leviathan’s Heartless Priorities

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New York’s rulers have behaved as rulers always do: exploiting a disaster to grab more power and money while exacerbating the serfs’ suffering. Accordingly, New York’s Chief Thief, Andrew Cuomo (the sociopath who, as Secretary of HUD under Bill “The Rapist” Clinton, pressed banks to award mortgages to unqualified “minorities” and thus helped precipitate the depression) is begging his federal accomplices for — get ready — $42 billion of your money “to help the state recover” from Hurricane Sandy.

The statists among us cheer such a heist; after all, it’ll help the poor and needy, right? The folks Sandy rendered homeless, who are living in tents and on the streets, hurting, hungry, cold — all decent people want to alleviate such agony, don’t they?

Alas, no decent people lurk among the bureaucrats at FEMA or Our Rulers. They jointly announced earlier today where “nearly $190 million in the first round” [emphasis added] of their giveaway is going — and it ain’t to anyone without a home, heat or food. Nope, the first $75 million FEMA disburses will enrich the NYPD. After all, what’s a little homelessness when cops need reimbursement for “staffing costs while officers were called out for rescue and security details and door-to-door checks for residents who might be in danger. It will also help cover the costs of removing some fallen trees and directing traffic as well as distributing gasoline, which was in short supply for days. ‘Our NYPD officers were on the front lines before, during and after the storm to stand by their fellow New Yorkers,’ [U.S. Senator Kirsten ‘The Kook’] Gillibrand said.”

Thanks, Kirsten, for proving yet again that mankind’s direst, most lethal enemy isn’t famine, homelessness or even hurricanes, but government.

3:28 pm on December 4, 2012