Leviathan Eats Its Own AGAIN

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Why anyone anywhere even remotely considers lying, meddling, stealing and murdering for a living – in other words, becoming a politician – I’ll never know. Yes, the execrable, inherent immorality repels folks of even minimal decency, judging by what’s left to run for office. But you might suppose that even those sociopaths would think twice before trying to lord it over us, given Leviathan’s frequent and insatiable munching on its acolytes.

The latest such cannibalism has snared a half-dozen pols in New York State, including one of New York City’s councilmen. Dan Halloran has called himself a “lonely … Libertarian” in that den of inquity, and he’s often worked with the New York Libertarian Party. (Full disclosure: I have many friends in the NYLP and in fact used to belong to it. Some current members proudly insist that the NYLP comprises “the libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party” while many others are flat-out anarchists. The NYLP has challenged the TSA, Mayor Michael “Nanny” Bloomberg’s nannyism, New York City’s trampling of the Second Amendment, and other evils. I disagree that politics will ever accomplish anything other than increasing the State’s power, even if the LP were to win every election and office in a given jurisdiction; hence, I dropped out of the Party. But the NYLP’s anarchists and patriots work so hard at their impossible task that it breaks my heart.)

Halloran and the others in this “plot” were engaged in “business as usual,” as even the New York Post admits in its savaging of them. The State charges that they were trying to sell the Republican Party’s mayoral slot for New York City’s upcoming elections — sorta like selling your grandmother’s dentures in this heavily Democratic metropolis. Indeed, you have to wonder how the alleged buyer, a state senator named Malcolm Smith, scrapes together enough intellect to breathe if he truly wanted to purchase something so useless. And did the FBI strive to entrap Halloran because he was sticking too many fingers in the oppressor’s eye?

At any rate, the hypocrisy is flowing thick and fast as the rest of the criminal class, which routinely does exactly what these six have, seeks to fool the electorate yet again. So far, the prize for Most Jaw-Dropping Sanctimony goes to “Nanny” Bloomberg. He has exploited this fiasco, as he does everything, to advance one of his bizarre causes: “non-partisan elections” (yes, Nanny believes in unicorns and dry water, too). And thus this crank, who tyrannically flouted not one but two popular referenda for term-limits so he could continue bossing us, pontificated, “Generally speaking, partisan elections deprive the public of the right to pick their own leaders …” Ah, but dictating to us for twelve years against the public’s expressed will doesn’t deprive us of the right to pick our own leaders, does it, Nanny?

As I said, that’s the most egregious cant so far. But the scandal’s young, and no doubt many other contenders will sicken us before it’s over.

9:03 am on April 3, 2013