Letter to Pro-Life Friends

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My wife wrote this (with a little input from me) to some pro-life friends who sent out an e-mail to many of their friends urging them to defeat Obama due to his pro-abortion stance:

Abortion is a despicable crime against humans. But be CONSISTENT in your pro-life stand!

It’s important to recognize that there are other lives being taken as well. Lives that McCain AND Obama support being taken: those of foreigners. I understand and agree that abortion is a very important issue to take a stand against, but too many Christians end up supporting the murder of foreigners (which includes civilian mothers and babies and children) by supporting the Republicans. Our purpose as Christians is to go and make disciples of all nations, to spread the gospel. This is being hindered by the murdering foreign policies of both parties. The word “American” leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many foreigners. How open to Christ will they be if we, as Christians, support killing them!

By all means, fight for the lives of unborn and born babies!!! Peacefully protest, support Pregnancy Resource Centers!! Yes, voting for Obama will result in people being killed. So will voting for McCain. DO vote your conscience. I personally can only support candidates that are consistently pro-life: anti-abortion and anti-war. There are other candidates that fit this bill. It will not be throwing away your vote to vote your conscience.

10:31 pm on November 2, 2008