Letter Speaks for Itself

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This letter to me really speaks for itself. However, Lew is adamant that bloggers, such as me in this case, add a bit of a commentary to anything they blog, so, here goes (you might want to look at the letter, below, before reading these comments of mine):

  1. It is important to donate money (and time, and organizational abilities and anything else, including the kitchen sink, but mainly fiat currency), to the Mises Institute. The very first thing I do every day is go the Mises Institute and LewRockwell.com web. (Actually, that’s a bit of a lie; I usually access this material late at night, when it first comes out.) And when you think of the books the MI publishes, the conferences it holds, the support it offers faculty and students, you realize how important is this institution for liberty, freedom, and prosperity. The Mises Institute is funded, mainly, by small donors. So, please, contribute. Even if you are poor, and can only afford, say, $5 per year, do donate that amount. Every dollar helps, and, the wider is the base of support, the more attractive the Mises Institute becomes to large donors.
  2. The first 90% of this video will likely not be of that great interest to most people. It is not until the end that this very attractive new spokesman for liberty says much of relevance to our cause. But even the majority of her presentation is of relevance. After all, libertarianism defends precisely this sort of commercial endeavor; it does no harm to get back to our roots in this way from time to time.
  3. Whenever I am mentioned in the same sentence as Murray Rothbard, I take it as the highest possible compliment; I am grateful to Kmele Foster for linking me with my old friend and long time mentor in this way.
  4. Kmele Foster is one of the many, many students I have met at a meeting of the Mises University over the years. This event will soon take place again, this summer. I urge everyone to look at these two urls. My “criticism” of the latter is that it is woefully short. It is only about 30 minutes. It should have been two hours, at least. I can’t tell you how inspirational this series of interviews of MU students is for me.

Good Morning Dr Block,

You may remember me from an email exchange we had about a year ago (we also spoke several times at Mises U in 2008). I was one of the many supporters that contacted you after the brouhaha at Loyola in Baltimore (I was also among those that gladly made a donation to Mises at your urging).

I’m still a huge fan of your work and a regular reader of the Lew Rockwell Blog. I have you and Dr Rothbard to thank for “radicalizing” me. My willingness to debate the complete privatization of roads and schools has made me a favorite invitee (or oddity) for friends’ dinner parties.

I wanted to share a link with you. This is my wife’s entry in the Chamber of Commerce’s Free Enterprise video competition. I hope you enjoy it, and that you’ll consider sharing it with the readers of the Lew Rockwell Blog.

Thank you in advance, and I hope to have the privilege of speaking with you in person again soon.

Kmele Foster
TelcoIQ / Technology Brokerage Group
Intelligent Telecom

2:01 pm on April 16, 2010