Let’s Hear It for “Tax Cheats”!

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David Maharaj, who reads LRC in Canada, writes that “The Canadian government is playing peek-a-boo with offshore cash. Using a report by Boston Consulting that reveals some $10 trillion worldwide has been secreted in offshore accounts to avoid taxation, the Harper goon-squad has  decided to ‘come down hard’ on so-called ‘tax cheats.’

To that end, “they’ve “introduced an international snitch line, and the reward of a 15% cut of any and all money recovered that was kept hidden in a offshore account.”

Hilariously, “the first ‘offender’ caught in their wicked net is a politician, Pana Merchant, who had a cool $1.7 million stashed away in the Cook Islands…” Wouldn’t it be terrific if they contented themselves with stealing Pana’s ill-gotten loot and left honest folks alone? Alas, I am an eternal optimist.

David astutely concluded, “This is our money, but yet we have to hide it from thieves who come in full force to steal their ‘fair share.’ The  crooks and criminals are writing  the rules. … In my worldview, ‘tax cheats’ are heroes.” Indeed they are! Every dime they save from their respective governments is one less for the State to waste on victimizing us with its lies, murders and thugs.

9:23 am on April 10, 2013