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One of the problems I see with Obama’s populism (which reminds me of the Latin American populism that I grew up with) is that it could weaken, even if temporarily, whatever little distrust of the state remains. Obama yearns to be more inclusive, to solve problems, to change the United States, and people seem to be gobbling this up. It is no longer “us against the government.” It’s “we are the state.”

On the other hand, perhaps Obamalism need not be negative on the long run, for once the god-president fails, the disillusionment will be deliciously widespread.

That said, the Obamalians will blame it, partly with reason, on Bush’s policies and on Republican congressional animosity. Either way, I’m not particularly thrilled that millions of people have decided to converge (physically or electronically) around one person.

All this reminds of the song “I Am The Walrus”:

I am he as you are he
as you are me
and we are all together

8:36 am on January 20, 2009