Let’s Be Sure They Don’t Get It

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…[T]ransportation officials are hoping for a smoother holiday travel season than 2010’s, when there was a near-revolt over what many passengers considered invasive electronic screening procedures at airport check-ins.”

Those “invasive … procedures” continue apace, though the TSA plays us for fools with its “Automated Target Recognition software that produces only a generic outline of a person instead of the [sic] their [sicwhy do presumably rational writers pair a plural pronoun with a singular antecedent?] physical image…” Really? We have only the word of an agency that lies about everything, all the time, on that. No independent tests have confirmed that the porno-scanners no longer snap, store, and transmit naked pictures — and all while giving us a good dose of radiation.

Nor have the gropings abated. Worse, the TSA has expanded its abuses beyond airports to mass-transit, Amtrak, and highways.

If you ask me, I’d say it’s time for another revolt — and not a “near” one this time.

9:27 pm on November 13, 2011