Legalize Weed and Outlaw Progressivism

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Here’s a stunning editorial that clearly articulates Progressives’ arrogance, racism and jaw-dropping authoritarianism as it argues against legalizing weed. It seems that wealthy elites like the author are smart enough to avoid getting stoned as well as all the pitfalls that entails. But those stupid, lazy, poor “minorities”… no self-discipline, no drive to better themselves … shiftless…

Racist drivel from Progressives is as common as corrupt politicians; I’m wasting your time on this example because it is to astoundingly blatant. Even friends with brains addled from government’s schooling should discern the utterly offensive message here. I can’t decide if the writer is too stupid to realize what she’s saying or just uncommonly honest. Probably the former: honesty violates Progressive principles.

10:27 am on January 18, 2013