Legal Tender No Longer Legal in a California City

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Last week I posted a video by the Department of Fatherland Insecurity implying that people who pay in cash might be terrorists. The city government of Discovery Bay, CA must have taken that video to heart because the city has decided to ban cash payments for the paying of all city services by its citizens.

“Board members said the new policy will ensure the safety of town clerks and save the district time and money, but some say it is also a response to anonymous requests for public records the town has received. Those requesting records anonymously have been using cash to pay for the cost of copying the documents…Directors Mark Simon, Chris Steele and Kevin Graves said the new policy is not a response to these anonymous requests. [Oh nooooooooooo.] The presence of cash at town offices might endanger staff by attracting thieves [I guess the Discovery Bay city government doesn’t like competition.], the directors said, though they acknowledged that this has never happened.”

To summarize what I wrote in my post I linked to above as to the real reason why we will see actions like this taken by the Discovery Bay city government spread to other city and state governments as time goes on: Eventually, “cash and carry” will become “chip and control.”

UPDATE: My friend (and LRC writer) Don Cooper writes:

“You know, David, airlines haven’t been accepting cash on their flights for about 2 years now. Some won’t even accept cash at their service desks inside the airport! It’s as if we’re being forced to use credit or debit which of course benefits the banks.”

6:47 am on January 28, 2011