Left-Wing Blowback

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In reading the posts about the “new terrorism” (of which I apparently am part), I am reminded that when I took my draft physical in December 1972, I was asked if I was or had been a member of a large number of leftist groups that the government considered to be “subversive.” Being that I never have made for a good leftist, alas, I could not be declared “unfit” for service because of my political ties.

At the time, conservatives did not mind the government harassing anti-war groups, just as conservatives did not mind the government trumping up false charges against Muslims living in this country, i.e., the Sami Al-Arian case. However, now that the hard left is in power, it will not be long before conservatives feel the brunt of state-sponsored harassment.With the State of Pennsylvania declaring the Constitution Party to be a “terrorist” organization, we can see where all of this is headed. Ron Paul bumper stickers in Missouri supposedly are indicators that domestic “terrorists” are occupying the vehicle. I suspect that organizations like Focus on the Family also are going to be on future “domestic terrorism” lists.

Had conservatives stood up for free speech a while back, perhaps this fate would not be theirs. It is reminiscent of Martin Niemoller’s statement about his not speaking up when the Nazis came for everyone else.

And even though libertarians and especially writers on this page have stood up for free speech, nonetheless, I fear we too are going to be labeled “domestic terrorists” soon enough.

6:45 pm on March 19, 2009