Learning History Should Not Be Boring

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Here are some marvelous music videos on important historical personages and events by HistoryTeachers.

My students love them, especially the one on Henry VIII. You will be singing along as you learn about the past.

HistoryTeachers: Beowulf

HistoryTeachers: The Canterbury Tales

HistoryTeachers: Thomas Aquinas

HistoryTeachers: The Divine Comedy

HistoryTeachers: The Mahabharata

HistoryTeachers: The Trojan War

HistoryTeachers: Illuminated Manuscripts

HistoryTeachers: Johannes Gutenberg

HistoryTeachers: Digital Life

HistoryTeachers: Macedonia

HistoryTeachers:King Arthur

HistoryTeachers: Charlemagne

HistoryTeachers: The Crusades

HistoryTeachers: I’m a Knight

HistoryTeachers: The Black Death

HistoryTeachers: Eleanor of Aquitaine

HistoryTeachers: Copernicus

HistoryTeachers: Leonardo da Vinci

HistoryTeachers: Renaissance Man

HistoryTeachers: The Borgias

HistoryTeachers: The Spanish Inquisition

HistoryTeachers: Martin Luther

HistoryTeachers: Henry VIII

HistoryTeachers: Anne Boleyn

HistoryTeachers: Queen Elizabeth I

HistoryTeachers: Mary, Queen of Scots

HistoryTeachers: Shakespeare

HistoryTeachers: The French Revolution

HistoryTeachers: Napoleon Bonaparte

HistoryTeachers: Empress Theodora

HistoryTeachers: The Olmecs

HistoryTeachers: The Odyssey

HistoryTeachers: Gladiator

HistoryTeachers: Julius Caesar

HistoryTeachers: Ancient Minoan Civilization

HistoryTeachers: Attila the Hun

HistoryTeachers:Greek Philosophers

HistoryTeachers: Constantine

HistoryTeachers: The Battle of Agincourt

HistoryTeachers: Joan of Arc

HistoryTeachers: Cleopatra

HistoryTeachers: Nefertiti

HistoryTeachers: The Vikings

HistoryTeachers: King Tut

HistoryTeachers: Pompeii   

HistoryTeachers: William the Conqueror  

HistoryTeachers: Iceman

HistoryTeachers: Civilization

HistoryTeachers: Mansa Musa

HistoryTeachers: Prehistoric

HistoryTeachers: Chinese Dynasties

HistoryTeachers: Mummification

HistoryTeachers: Viva Roma No. V






3:51 am on June 9, 2013