Leading Pro-Family Advocate Now Admits: Bush A Disaster

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We’re going to be seeing a lot more of this, as one-time Bush supporters come out of hiding and admit publicly that Bush’s War and his “Left-Left Conservatism” ruined the pro-family movement.

Allan Carlson has published some of the best work available on the family. His conclusion here is welcome but surprising, given that he comes from the center founded by my old friend John Howard, a longtime friend and supporter of Donald Rumsfeld.

Key quote: “…whenever natural family values went up against the war in Iraq, the manpower needs of the Pentagon, corporate interests, or even political expediency, there was no contest: families were ignored. ”

the Bush team sacrificed the prospect of greater pro-family initiatives—like so much else—to the war in Iraq. Most disturbingly, the Defense Department relentlessly manipulated, and at times simply ignored, laws that limited exposure of women to combat. Desperate to fill its ranks, the Army ignored the lessons of all human history and put women—including young mothers—at risk, a shameful blot on the American record. Hundreds have been killed and many more severely wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thousands have spent months, if not years, separated from their families.

The administration’s deliberate twisting of gender roles was on gruesome display in the case of Jessica Lynch, in which Pentagon propagandists blatantly lied about her capture in the early days of the Iraq War, turning a frightened victim of Iraqi sexual abuse into a female version of Sergeant York. Private Lynndie England’s infamous exploits in the Abu Ghraib prison were another sign of the Pentagon’s direct complicity in the feminist-inspired degradation of American women.

2:00 pm on November 15, 2008