Lawrence Lepard ad for NYT

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Lawrence Lepard, who put a full-page ad in support of Ron Paul in USA Today at his own expense, is at it again. Here is the ad (pdf) that he plans to place in the New York Times. (I couldn’t determine when this ad will be published, or whether it has already been. If anyone knows please e-mail me and I’ll update this post).

UPDATE: “It will be in the News section. I do not know the date. In order to keep the cost affordable they have the option on the date. The range is Dec. 24th to Dec. 29th.

It is also going to run in all of the major New Hampshire papers on Friday, Dec. 28th.” See here. Mr. LEPARD (sorry for the mistake on his last name in my original post) also points out there that this ad is “a cleaned up version of the piece I wrote for Lew Rockwell explaining why I spent $85 K on the USA Today advertisement”.

[Thanks to many of our astonishingly lovely and talented LRC readers who helped me out here.]

7:57 am on December 22, 2007