Latest Syrian ‘Massacre’ More Interventionist Propaganda

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Up to 200 people were reported killed in the Syrian village of Tremseh.

Kofi “NWO” Annan is “shocked and appalled,” Ban Ki-Moon has “serious doubts” on Syrian President Bashar Assad’s commitment to a UN-backed peace plan. Said Ban, “”I condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the indiscriminate use of heavy artillery and shelling of populated areas, including by firing from helicopters.” Hillary is “outraged.”

Sounds like Assad is on the rampage again — it’s amazing that Assad commits these horrific massacres every single time the UN Security Council meets to decide Syria’s fate!! How lucky for the opposition that he picks the day that the US and its allies meet to push for regime change in Syria to commit the one single act that would most motivate the international community to commence bombing!

And those 200 who were reported killed? Even the rebels report that they were virtually to the man well-armed rebel fighters killed in the heat of a battle with the Syrian government forces.

Reports AFP (no friend of Assad for sure):

Separately, two Syrian activists said most of those killed in the Thursday incident were rebels, and that they died in fighting.

“At this stage, though we do not yet have the final count, the number of civilians killed by shelling is not more than seven,” said Jaafar, an activist at the anti-regime Sham News Network.

“The rest were members of the [rebel] Free Syrian Army,” he told AFP.

To get a handle on the propaganda, it is important to stop and ponder the lies of Kofi, of Ban, of the US, of that monstrous, Nuremberg-deserving Hillary: Since when is it an atrocity demanding international invasion when the legitimate army of one country successfully returns fire against a foreign-armed invading force in the heat of battle? Is this an “atrocity” these days? Do words no longer have any meaning?

5:08 pm on July 13, 2012