Latest Non-Issue of Libertarian Papers

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The seven-hour rollout of the first seven articles of Libertarian Papers (announced this morning) is complete. Here are the initial articles published (all can be found here):

1. “Present Payments, Past Wrongs: Correcting Loose Talk about Nozick and Rectification”, by Jan Narveson
2. “Observations on Professor Hayek’s Plan”, by Ludwig von Mises
3. “Rothbard’s Confidential Memorandum to the Volker Fund, ‘What Is To Be Done?’”, by Murray N. Rothbard
4. “A Revealing Window on the U.S. Economy in Depression and War: Hours Worked, 1929–1950″, by Robert Higgs
5. “Libertarianism and the Possibility of the Legitimate State”, by Nicolás Maloberti
6. “Why Libertarians Should Reject Positive Rights”, by Joshua Katz
7. “Libertarianism and Positive Rights: Comments on Katz’ Reply”, by Nicolás Maloberti

2:04 pm on January 22, 2009