Late Nighters and Early Birds Start the Tea Party

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Looks like no one else yet is up blogging about this exciting day for the Ron Paul movement, so I’ll give the report on the first 1/3 of the Tea Party. As of 09:00 EST, 10,799 people have donated $1.31M.

Yes, that means that the third quarter goal of $12M is now met and exceeded: $12.89M! Like I blogged previously, the $12M goal seemed crazy when it was first announced… Now it seems modest.

At this rate, today’s total will be around $3.9M. But, of course, much of the first 1/3 of the day has been crucial R&R time for the energetic Ron Paul revolutionaries. So I’m going to make a very conservative prediction that the rest of the day will pick up the pace.

In fact, I’m going to go further on the prediction game based on what happened with the November 5th event. If you had gone strictly by the number of folks who pledged to give $100 at the Nov. 5th website, you would have expected about $2.5M. Instead the donations were about twice that. Well, the pledges as we go into the Tea Party are over 35,000. That would be $3.5M. I say, as a rough guess, double that and bet on a minimum $7M day today.

Watch the fun here.

8:14 am on December 16, 2007