Late-Night Leftists?

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So Johnny Carson’s former head writer authors an article claiming that Jay Leno was canned from “The Tonight Show” despite fabulous ratings because he made jokes about BOTH political parties, including jokes about King Obama.  His replacement, Jimmy Fallon, had as one of his first guests the always-cheerful-and-entertaining Michelle Obama.  Meanwhile, the guy who got Fallon’s gig at the other late-night show, Seth Myers, has as one of his first guests on the first night of his new show the buffoonish Joe Biden.  Gotta wonder what Jay thinks of this.  Michelle and Joe had to have been booked a long time in advance, one would think, which suggests that the plan was always to remake these shows into an Obama administration love-fest.

(Get a load of the “I think I just peed my pants” expressions on Fallon and Myers while in the presence of King Obama and Biden, respectively, in the pictures in the links).

UPDATE: Ellen F. writes to say that Fallon has been making jokes about Edward Snowden, calling him a “tattletale,” whereas Jay Leno would have made jokes about the NSA [and TSA].

7:26 am on February 25, 2014