Land of the Free Because of the Brave?

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This statement is what I just saw on a bumper sticker today, minus the question mark, of course. The identity of “the brave” was not stated, but we know without a doubt what the saying is referring to: the U.S. military. So, are we “free” because soldiers are “brave”? Are bank robbers brave? Are mass murderers brave? We don’t refer to their actions, however daring and bold, as brave or heroic because they are engaged in evil acts. But is not fighting in an unjust, immoral, unconstitutional, and unnecessary war in Afghanistan, Iraq, or anywhere else an evil act? What is it then? Just a mistake? Just a job? Just an unfortunate circumstance? And really, how brave are U.S. soldiers? Some of them no doubt acted “brave” in certain situations, but putting the might of the U.S. military against terrorists, insurgents, and “ragheads” in Afghanistan is not exactly a fair fight.

On a related note, I was at a drag racing event at Gainesville, Florida, a few weeks ago and heard it announced something to the effect that we could not all be enjoying the drag races without the U.S. military fighting overseas on our behalf. I do note two good things, however, about the event I attended. One, just think of all the fuel that was “wasted” by race cars. I guess Al Gore would never attend a car race. And two, people were smoking all over the place, not in some designated area. Even some of the car mechanics were smoking while they worked on the cars. Now, I don’t smoke and don’t let people smoke in my house or my car, but I like to see freedom in action that the government frowns on.

Update: It turns out that Iranians like to drag race American muscle cars. How can they do this without their military going all over the world?

1:23 pm on April 6, 2013