Lamentable Cancun Agreement

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Cancun meeting reaches climate change agreement.” This is a top story today. World government plows on with climate change as a pretext. Exposure of the fraudulent state and UN-backed climate “science” has only temporarily stalled this movement. The real agendas include cementing the power of global bureaucrats (such as the Climate and Energy Change Secretary), wealth transfers to science lobbies, and wealth transfers to lower income countries’ governments (partly to secure their agreement). Another real aim is to direct attention away from the problems caused by governments themselves all over this world. Terms like “deforestation” that are in the Cancun agreement mobilize green support, but deforestation is a made-by-government thing, as many articles show, such as this one. Opposition to fast-growing, genetically-engineered trees accompanies the propaganda about deforestation. The climate change agreement is a temporary triumph of dysfunctional governments worldwide, statism, power-seeking globalcrats, greens, and money-seeking “scientists.” It’s a triumph of lies made to seem as reality. Someday a real catastrophe might threaten all of us worldwide. Will the governments be ready for it? Will they be able to cope with it? Doubtless not. They will have wasted our resources on their own lying schemes. They will have prevented and/or impeded us from preparing for and implementing our own survival methods.

9:37 am on December 11, 2010