Lady MacDeath et al.

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It wasn’t only Hillary, Obama, Bush, and the rest of the power elite that cheered the murder of Gaddafi today. CNN showed the tape of his being beaten bloody before he was shot in the head, again and again and again, for our delectation. It was a tribal killing, ordered by the US, and savored by the establishment as well as the perps. He was a dictator, but more so than Obama? More so than the fundamentalists the US has brought to power, so as to cause chaos? As in Iraq, ethnic and religious minorities may look back on the dictator’s rule as a golden age. This isn’t a bunch of classical liberals who’ve come to power. Certainly anything that has Hillary—who looks more and more like one of the Three Witches every day—chortling over blood and scheming for more, can’t be good news.

UPDATE from Steve Candidus:

“Lady MacDeath: That’s a good name for her. Just ask Vince Foster.”

7:36 pm on October 20, 2011