Lady Godiva as Modern Man

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John Brennan, a passenger at Portland International Airport in Oregon last year, went the TSA one better when it claimed he tested positive for explosives and must submit to its sexual assault: he stripped. Right there on the concourse. Of everything but his glasses.

If you accept the TSA’s excuse that it seeks only to protect passengers from each other, you might assume that its perverts would have applauded Mr. Brennan’s nudity. After all, other than cavities, what was left as a hiding place for the WMD’s the TSA supposes all we budding turrists smuggle aboard our flights?

But of course the TSA has nothing to do with protecting aviation and everything to do with teaching the serfs obedience. So it was not amused by Mr. Brennan’s cooperation – it had ordered him to assume the position and endure fondling, not drop trou. In fact, it sicced the cops on this hero and is now trying to fine him.

A court dismissed the charges of indecency against Mr. Brennan, but the TSA ludicrously insists that his extreme cooperation with its nonsense “’interfere[d] with screening’” (victims of its gate-rape can only hope it did). Mr. Brennan faces an administrative trial this week, which means that the TSA will hold a kangaroo hearing to decide whether he should pay it a fine of $11,000. (I  kid you not: this is the Alice-in-Wonderland “justice” Progressives foisted on us with their administrative regime.)  Here’s wishing but doubting that Mr. Brennan triumphs over these craven deviants as he scandalously defends freedom.

8:42 am on May 10, 2013