LA Cops Stick It To The Taxpayer, Big Time…

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… for their own malfeasance, of course. Eight “officers” riddled a random vehicle – wrong make, wrong color – with dozens of bullets, injuring two women inside, while they were looking for one of their own (a big fan of Michelle Obama! Only police should have guns!) whom they had trained to kill.

Then he started killing them.

“The eight officers remain assigned to non-field duties pending an internal investigation.”

We all know how that will turn out. The guilty perps are being paid, while the innocent are being gouged.

The victims were hard-working women who rose early to make a living delivering newspapers.

“The purpose of terrorism is to terrorize,” said Lenin. These eight men certainly terrorized those two innocent women. Will any of them be tried for terrorism?

No. Nor will they pay a cent of the settlement. The LAPD is cheering. “Hey, the sheeple are paying!”

“We serve and protect.” Fat chance. They serve themselves, protect themselves, and the innocent civilians are “collateral damage.” The lucky ones just get the bill for the LAPD’s crimes. The unlucky ones get shot.

3:54 pm on April 23, 2013