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But not in a good way:

LA DWP launches “Neighbors helping neighbors save water” program; Department asks customers to reduce outdoor watering, fix water leaks and help their neighbors do the same

“To help raise awareness of Los Angeles’ serious water supply challenges and the growing need to conserve water in this era of climate change and drought, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has launched a “Neighbors Helping Neighbors Save Water” door hanger campaign.

Neighbors, when they spot water being wasted on a neighbor’s property, can select the box or boxes that apply and leave the hanger anonymously [emphasis mine] on the neighbor’s door. On the reverse side of the hanger is a list of water-savings tips and rebate information for products to help customers save.”

Frankly, I think the City of Los Angeles is all wet.

5:47 pm on June 4, 2009