Kristol’s Coup de Grace

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Slyly smirking, still strutting, stiletto unsheathed, Kid Kristol sticks the shiv in McCain.

Why? The Strauss-Trotsky dialectic, that’s why. Kristol was for McCain before he was against him. He and neocon fellow-traveler Lindsey Graham (up for re-election in a fascinating South Carolina race, by the way) passionately pushed Joe Lieberman for VP. When Palin came aboard, the neocons tried to neuter her, she paled, and the air went out of McCain’s dialogue balloon.

But the neocons always, ALWAYS blame somebody else. They seek only their own survival, and that of their private agenda. Now McCain’s slime-supplier, Charlie Black, thinks that a terrorist attack would help McCain, but, failing that, Kristol now has a bombproof excuse for a McCain disaster:

“If only they’d listened to ME !!!”

9:58 am on October 13, 2008