Kristology and Amnesia

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The NYT softly, ceaselessly soothes its readership: “conservatives are dolts, see? Ah, here’s another one now. Consider Kid Kristol….” Obediently, the neo’s con-man slides the stiletto into his once-useful idiot: Why, “Bush is the new Hoover! He gave us the Second Depression!” That’s why the GOP went down!

Classic, classic Kristol. Apparently he’s hoping that his statist readers have short memories (after all, they never “stop thinkin’ about tomorrow,” right?), but apparently he doesn’t expect grownups to bother reading his palaver (I did because I have to work off some serious Penance). Remember, this is the guy who wanted US troops to invade Syria after their Iraq Mission was “Accomplished” in May 2003. Hey, let’s have another Kristol Cakewalk! If you’re not with us, you’re against us! Forget the past. Blame Bush not the neocons!

Kristol’s Winsome, Winless War, a $3.5 trillion disaster, is too horrendous to represent merely an elephant in the living room: it is a scorching, searing scar on America’s soul. And yes, the war was the proximate cause of the economic meltdown. As usual, Kristol wants to blame someone else for his seamlessly disastrous judgment, as he collects his hefty fees for serving as the left-wing’s favorite caricature of the right.

Calling Tina Faye: Do Kristol. Country’ll grow.

8:10 am on November 17, 2008