Krauthammer’s Contradictions Continue

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This guy who ceaselessly endorses sending American troops around the world to spread democracy now condemns representative government at home.

“Much of this crisis was brought upon us by the good intentions of good people,” oozes the neocon bandleader as he frantically waves his baton to distract us from the “Tyranny of Good Intentions.

Ah yes, he knows Americans are known for their civic virtue — that is, thinking well, and not ill, of others. And he will milk that for everything it’s worth to advance his own private agenda.

But Dr. K conveniently ignores history, both recent and ancient.

The man is the protoype of a neocon: consumed with his own superiority, he mocks the hoi polloi, gives the back of the hand to any sense of justice, and reveals his hatred of democratic institutions at home while he sends democracy bombs to other countries to make them safe for democracy. Whatta guy.

In this time of crisis, Krauthammer has laid all his cards face-up on the table, and they spell P-O-W-E-R..

The man’s histrionics tell the tale: the neocon-New York cabal is desperate. My congressman’s office tells me **everybody** is against the bailout/rescue/Debate-Postponement-Device (DPD). The one thing these criminals have learned from history is that those who don’t hang together, hang separately.

In that spirit, look at this, which Krauthammer thinks is a hilarious touch of humor:

>>What we need are a few exemplary hangings. Public hangings. On television. Pick a few failed investment firms, lead their CEOs in chains through the canyons of Manhattan and give the mob satisfaction.<<

Really funny, right? No? Well, how about an independent court of law? For most us us, that's the American way, right?

Long ago, Krauthammer rejected the possibility of mercy. So let there be justice, and let the chips fall where they may.

Not mob justice, Doc — I mean the real thing.

3:09 pm on September 26, 2008