Krauthammer’s Cat Is Out Of The Bag

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In a flailing and hilarious attempt to defend Sarah Palin’s interview with Charlie Gibson, the most adamant neocon at the WashPost admits that:

— The “Bush Doctrine” actually changes all the time, and is thus putty in the hands of neocon practitioners of the Trotskyite dialectic;

— The Bush Doctrine began as an assertion of US superiority and radical exceptionalism, thus placing Bush above all international law and norms;– After 9-11, the Bush doctrine (already established) then morphed into the Manichaean “Us = pure good, Them = pure evil” (right out of 1984 and NewSpeak), which removes all moral limits on the power of “The Decider”;

— The Bush Doctrine then morphed into a justification of preemptive war, just in time to invade Iraq. The dialectic absolves the Bush Administration from explaining away the lies that they either propounded or swallowed in order to get to this stage, and justifies his continual defiance of the Constitution;

— The Bush Doctrine then changed once more into a demand that the U.S. spread “democracy” throughout the world, which is not a departure from its earlier emanations, but the sum of all of them: in the name of totalitarian democracy (are there any limits? No.), Bush’s ideological ends justify any and all means that he might choose to take.

Krauthammer’s unguarded candor about the Bush Doctrine flows — naturally — from his unbounded egotism: “I was the first to use the term,” he crows, But while he insists that there were four different Bush Doctrines, he actually proves that there is only one: Bush is completely above the law — period, whichever way you cut it. first, international law; then, the moral law; then, constitutional law; and last, “The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” of Jefferson’s Declaration.

In sum, Krauthammer has carefully described how the Bush Doctrine constitutes the neocon Emancipation Proclamation from all international, moral, constitutional, and natural law.

And he ought to know.

7:37 am on September 13, 2008