Krauthammer’s Careening Campaign for Vindication Continues

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Charles Krauthammer pretends to find vindication for the neocons in Egypt, since they have wrought only disaster here at home. As usual, his dialectic drives his assertions, and his assertions are built on the sand of contradiction.

Krauthammer first preens, on parade with his Good Old Bellicose Boys, defiling facts with ample reliance on the Memory Hole: “Today, everyone and his cousin supports the ‘freedom agenda.’ Of course, yesterday it was just George W. Bush, Tony Blair and a band of neocons with unusual hypnotic powers who dared challenge the received wisdom of Arab exceptionalism.” But this snarky attempt to equate, or even compare (as opposed to contrast) the profound historical reality of Egypt’s peaceful revolution, with  an immoral and unconstitutional Bush policy of worldwide invasion and devastation, is palpably false, as well as laughable.

Krauthammer proceeds to insist on rational policy based on “principles.” But here his left lobe is at war with his right: psychiatrist Krauthammer might undertake to heal himself, a worthy task which could begin with an analysis of his own (conveniently forgotten) post-9/11 rants against “navel-gazers” – Americans devoted to the Constitution who insisted on truth, transparency, and – rational discussion! — before invading Iraq. Whether he is schizoid or just void, Krauthammer’s claim to rationality only when it is convenient to his ultimate cause, whatever it is, reflects an enduring denial, if not duplicity, regarding the truth.

Laughable as well is his embrace of the abstract and ahistorical, even as he blatantly pretends to reject it. He supports “democracy” — except when he opposes it. With his hero Bush, Dr. K supported the tyrant Mubarak (he glides over the obvious question — why??), but now pretends to support Mubarak’s overthrow — so long as Egypt’s next government continues Mubarak’s policies. Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee. Obviously fearful that a democratic Egypt will change those policies, Krauthammer complains that the bumbling Obama administration “legitimizes” Egyptians whom Krauthammer finds distasteful, conferring on them a virtual swear-word that is intentionally undefined so that he can dialectically direct it at anyone who opposes Krauthammer’s ultimate agenda, which is apparently the creation and maintenance of governments — elected by neocon-friendly U.S. administrations, by force if necessary — that represent not the people but the discredited and now happily exposed “George W. Bush, Tony Blair and [their merry] band of neocons.”

Krauthammer outdoes the Ministry of Truth in this vacuous effort, but behold the “conservatives” at CPAC, many of them clueless on foreign policy as they march towards an election with an economic agenda, period. Principles change with the circumstances, it is the agenda that is permanent. This is Karl Marx’s metaphysics; is the basis for Krauthammer’s twisted version of “freedom.”

8:23 am on February 13, 2011