Krauthammer Comes Out of the Cold

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He pretended to be “conservative” so he could endorse US invasions all over the Middle East, but now he takes the mask off, endorsing total statism, health care rationing, and more soaking of the “rich” (old guys first).

He calls Obama “brilliant,” pushes him hard left, and gloats: my, how easily neocons can change their spots.

Need we be reminded that this star in the neocon crown was champion of warmaker Bush? Will conservatives ever wake up to the treachery that has been wrought upon them by their dialectical manipulators?

Neocons worship at the altar of power — any power. There they salivate, patiently awaiting their turn at the controls. Sic Semper Neoconus.

7:16 am on April 24, 2009