Koch Brothers Fund Trey Grayson’s Campaign

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I have it on very good authority that Charles and David Koch, the ex-libertarian oil plutocrats of Wichita, Kansas, are helping bankroll neocon Trey Grayson’s senate campaign in Kentucky against Rand Paul. Grayson, who has been endorsed by Dick Cheney, is the protege of Mitch McConnell, the Bob Dole of Kentucky. Dole was also a favorite of the Kochs. This all makes twisted sense, since the Kochs are—says the BBC’s Greg Palast—the biggest Republican donors in the world, officially and otherwise. Of course, they support, and massively profit from, the regime. BTW, one hobby of the Kochs is their anti-Ron Paul “libertarian” Beltway movement.

UPDATE Thanks to Justin Raimondo for this, which—btw—is only a small part of their funding.

UPDATE from Butler Shaffer:

I’m still impressed by the late Sam Konkin’s characterization of this crowd as “the Kochtopus.”

8:44 am on March 30, 2010