David Koch Attacks Alan Grayson

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Writes Tim Smith:

He may be a classic bleeding heart in some ways, but there is a strong thread of an honest man trying to do the right thing in Alan Grayson. Remember him as Ron Paul’s Democratic ally against the Fed? Anyway, his campaign emails are usually hilarious in the process of making his points.

Grayson’s most recent email points out that oil plutocrat David Koch has poured $250,000 into just one week of attack ads. Why? Because David and his brother Charles are anti-Ron Paul and pro-Fed. They have even placed their men on the Fed board of governors—very useful for billionaires. The Kochs, who conceived a vendetta against Ron many years ago over his opposition to the Fed, and even against me for starting the Mises Institute against their direct orders, also funded tabloid hitmen against Ron and me in 2008, and Rand Paul’s political opponent too.

An ironic note: in the past, the Kochs were the sort of  secretive rich men who paid PR firms to keep them out of the news. But because of their funding of the regime-oriented sector of the Tea Parties, that anonymity is over.

2:37 pm on September 3, 2010