Kobe Bryant Turns Federal Food Pyramid Upside Down

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I’ve been reading lots of great stories about one of the great athletes of our time, Kobe Bryant, who recently went paleo-primal. Or, as this author puts it, a traditional diet of … real … food. Grass-fed beef, raw butter, real (non-industrial) eggs.

LA Lakers trainer Gary Vitti says that the staples of Kobe’s diet include pasture based foods like grassfed beef and eggs from free-range chickens.  Kobe makes every effort to avoid anything with corn syrup and his carbohydrate consumption has been scaled down to a very moderate level.

Focusing on getting traditional fats into his diet and the wrong fats out is of prime importance to Kobe.   Vitti described the dangers of following a lowfat diet and why Kobe is not following the USDA Food Pyramid – in fact, he’s following the inverse.

Has Kobe been reading LRC and KDC? Kobe also does ice baths, like so many primal adherents in the paleosphere. Here is his performance:

During the month of December, the Lakers shooting guard recorded at least 30 points in 12 of 14 games, including a stretch of 10 straight. He also became the first player in NBA history to score 30 or more points in six consecutive contests after turning 34 years of age.

“The guy is beating Father Time,” Utah coach Tyrone Corbin stated before the Lakers hosted the Jazz in early December. “It seems like, if it’s possible, he’s continuing to get better.”

Bryant finished the final month of the 2012 calendar year with averages of 33.79 points, 5.57 rebounds and 4.64 assists, all-time highs in each category for any month during his entire career. That streak also coincided with 10 straight games of 40-plus minutes.

6:33 am on February 9, 2013