“Knaves Against Knives”

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In response to yesterday’s blog about the “knaves against knives,” as he put it, John Windsor asked, “Any idea who these 133 creeps are? If mine’s on the list, I’m going to give them a piece of my mind. Probably won’t do any good, but I might feel better in the end.”

For those of you who share Mr. Windsor’s conflicted sensibilities, here’s the letter with the list of signatories at the end. You can also reach the letter through Rep[rehensible] Eric Swalwell’s website. Swalwell (D-CA) is one of the sponges your taxes support who has no more sense than to brag how deeply the TSA’s decision on knives offends him – yet somehow the agency’s sexually assaulting millions of passengers weekly doesn’t cost him even a moment’s disquietude.

While we’re on the subject of fruitless endeavors, remember that the TSA’s ridiculous “notice-and-comment period” on its porno-scanners is still open. Lisa Simeone over at “TSA News” has an intriguing but par-for-the-course tale of the TSA’s chicanery in announcing this “notice.”

10:24 am on April 12, 2013