Kinda Surprised This Doesn’t Happen More Often

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“…Philadelphia airport police received an anonymous call that named a passenger on the Dallas/Fort Worth bound Flight 1267. The ‘tipster’ told police that the passenger was in possession of a dangerous substance, which prompted authorities to recall the flight about 10 minutes after it departed.”

The usual hysteria continued when the police-state called in “bomb technicians” — plural. They also arrested the poor slob the “tipster” fingered, but Our Rulers “apparently have determined he did nothing wrong. Philadelphia Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan tells The Associated Press that someone played ‘a pretty nasty trick’ on that passenger.”

Given the miffed ex-spouses running around, the disgruntled employees and feuding neighbors, never mind the out-and-out crazies, it’s a wonder this doesn’t happen daily, multiple times. Especially since the vengeful can always count on Our Masters’ overreacting, and drastically.

Were airlines in charge of their own security, of course, they would judge whether such anonymous calls had merit before making fools of themselves and jeopardizing passengers’ goodwill and repeated business.

8:38 am on September 7, 2012