Killer Hypocrites

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When Bill Clinton was president, he hosted a White House conference on improving public high schools. In a press conference, he said “our children” (they’re always the State’s and not the parents’) must learn to settle their disputes without fighting. Violence, he said, is not the way. During the press conference, he was dropping planeloads of bombs on the Serbians.

In his press conference the other day, Obama said that “we” (the State)  most oppose “a  culture that all too often glorifies guns and violence.” Damn right. Call the Pentagon and the CIA and order them to stop murdering Muslims. How many millions of innocents has the US killed in its career of aggressive wars? We were even told by Madeline Albright that starving and sickening to death 500,000 Iraqi school children was “worth it.” Obama did not mean his sort of violence, of course, nor the hundreds of guns that surround him and the royal family 24/7. Nor did he mean his funders in the movie and TV business. He meant the peaceful, self-reliant people who do not trust him or any part of government, from local police to federal death squads.

11:01 am on December 20, 2012