Keep Your Seatbelts Fastened, Ron Paulians

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As Barry Goldwater began to threaten the establishment, he was smeared, to take just two examples, as literally crazy by hundreds of psychiatrists polled by FACTS magazine, and as meeting secretly with Nazis in Bavaria by CBS!

Meanwhile, the mass-murderering LBJ bugged Barry’s campaign headquarters and otherwise spied on him through various state security organs.

After the huge Tea Party fundraising today, and all the other signs of rEVOLution, not to speak of Ron’s coming success in the early caucuses and primaries, we can expect smears that will make Barry’s look tame.

After all, Ron is far more of a threat to the rip-off regime in power than Barry ever was, since Ron will work to end the military empire, and the Fed’s too.

But this time, the lying smears will bounce off him. The elites have never dealt with a man and a movement like this. They called Reagan the teflon candidate. Ron Paul, for reasons of reality rather than PR, will be untouchable. Neocons and all the rest, gnash your teeth but get used to it. You’ll have eight years to do so.

8:45 am on December 16, 2007